Facelift Surgery

The Art of Facelift Surgery for Men and Women

Facelift Marin County, California   Facelift surgery has been around for decades.  The techniques have evolved as science and research have discovered the various layers of the face. The most significant discovery was made many years ago when French surgeons, in the anatomy lab, discovered the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS).  This tissue level is between the skin and muscle layer of the face and acts as the foundation of the facial skin layer.  This layer has become the foundation of the modern day facelift and key for a natural looking facelift surgery Marin County in California.   Over the years, the SMAS layer has been the subject of constant surgical alteration to determine the best and most natural way to perform a facelift.   There are numerous terms used today to explain the type of SMAS manipulation.  For example:   ·      High SMAS- the SMAS is dissected and pulled upward. ·      Smasectomy-A section is removed from the mid-face and approximated. ·      SMASplication-the tissue is embrocated and sewn inward to created fullness. ·      Low-SMAS-the deep tissue is secured behind the ear ·      Extended SMAS- the dissection extends to the nose region.   As you can see there are many variations to the manipulation of this tissue and this is just a few.   What is the magic of this tissue?   When the SMAS is released, pulled and anchored the overlying skin comes with it.  The skin looks naturally tightened without a stretched or operated look.  The other great attribute is that the SMAS does not stretch whereas the skin stretches greatly.  This provides a long lasting facelift, which should hold up for 10 years or so.  This contrasts to the facelift procedure of the early years and even today by some surgeons who pull the skin only.  This will create a pulled and un-natural look, which will not hold up over time because the skin will stretch fairly rapidly. So when consulting your plastic surgeon about a face lift surgery from Dr Delgado make sure to discuss how he or she handles the SMAS layer.   The natural facelift in Marin County must bring the entire face in balance.  If you are 60 years old, not only does your lower face show signs of gravitation aging but likewise will the eyes and forehead or eyebrows.  Therefore, to achieve a natural and elegant appearance, the entire face must be evaluated and put into the same chronological age. If a person starts the facial rejuvenation process earlier in life then one may only need to do certain sections of the face to achieve the same result.  In general, people in the modern era are seeking facial rejuvenation at a younger age than in the past.   The other major component to Marin County facelift rejuvenation is facial volume.  A youthful face has facial fat that displays fullness.  As we age the facial volume is depleted and is typically seen around the eyes and the mid-face.  The fat volume loss cause the skins envelop to deflate and this results in facial sagging.  Facial volume replacement has become a major component to facial rejuvenation.  The fat is removed from other parts of the body, such as the tummy or hips by liposuction. The fat is then purified and injected into the face.  Nearly 60 percent of the fat will live and provide permanent volume replacement.  A new and exciting company, Adicite located in Arizona, will freeze and store the fat in various amounts.  When the fat is needed, it is sent by Federal Express and injected the same day. The amount of fat sent is in amounts of 25cc, which is a significant amount of volume replacement.  This is very cost effective compared to the cost of a temporary injectable.   The next component for a natural facelift by Dr. Miguel Delgado is the quality of the facial skin.  As we age, the skin can show considerable signs of aging.  The more sun the face gets, the more sun damage occurs, which is seen as wrinkles and various pigment changes.  The skin type of a person and genetics play a significant role in how the sun affects the face. We have discussed throughout this article the importance of a natural looking facelift.  The skin is a key component in this process.  If the facelift gravitation improvements are successful and the skin looks poor then the entire face does not look natural.  A very successful treatment at the time of surgery is a chemical peel or laser resurfacing.  After the facelift and peel or laser heals, then an aggressive skin care regiment should be started and maintained.   The following are some examples of before and after photographs by Miguel A. Delgado, MD Marin County facelift specialist  The photos will show a variety of procedures performed in the facelift.       CASE DESCRIPTION: This is a 60-year-old, female resident of San Francisco, California who presented for evaluation for a facelift. She had undergone a lower facelift, including the neck, upper and lower eyelid lift and an endoscopic brow lift.         

​CASE DESCRIPTION: This is a 65-year-old, female resident of Marin County facelift surgery candidate evaluation for a facelift. She underwent a lower facelift, eyelid lift, endoscopic brow lift, fat injection and a chemical peel.       CASE DESCRIPTION: This is a 59-year-old patient from  Marin County, California facelift candidate who presented for facial rejuvenation. She had a complete facelift makeover. She underwent an upper and lower eyelid- lift, redo nasal reshaping, replacement of a previous chin implant, endoscopic brow lift, lip augmentation, fat injections to her face and a TCA chemical peel to her face.     This video is the patient from the last case discussing her experience.  

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